Tudor Gheorghiu

Co Founder & CEO @ AskAnna

AskAnna is the mobile app that curbs hesitation on apparel by allowing users to get instant fashion advice from friends, the community and fashion experts. AskAnna has an active community of over 150K users. By january 2017 more than 40 Million advices had been shared on AskAnna by the community. In February 2017 AskAnna became AskJalouse through its acquisition by Jalou Media Group.

AskAnna also deploys the leading virtual customer support solution perfectly tailored to retail fitting rooms. It eliminates hesitation in the shopping process, increase transformation rates and average basket value for some of the largest retailers in France. Service used by Gemo, CĂ©lio, Camaieu, Jennyfer and other top retailers in France to increase conversion rates by up to 30% in their fitting rooms.