Anna Brody

Founder & CEO @ Anna Brody

Anna is a consultant with expertise in eCommerce & marketing for consumers, and an online shopping and fashion influencer.

For the last few years Anna has been nurturing a strong and engaged community of thousands of people who shop for fashion online. Anna leads and engages with her followers by collaborating with local and international online brands offering her community exclusive promotions. She also guides her followers to the best priced deals.

Anna breathes fashion and eCommerce and focuses on conveying the message that online shopping is a way of life that saves time and money. Anna understands marketing and eCommerce from the viewpoint of both consumers and business proprietors. This has been achieved not only from guiding her community but also from over 10 years of experience in various different high-tech marketing roles including and eCommerce fashion start-ups. Anna also leads a marketing course for online store owners and serves as an eCommerce and marketing mentor for business owners.